Quinn Snacks was founded in 2010 by Kristy Lewis, who saw an opportunity to create a healthier alternative to traditional microwave popcorn. The idea stemmed from Lewis's interest in connecting what she saw at local farmers markets to the ingredients in mainstream grocery stores. Not finding a company making snacks in a cleaner, safer way, she decided to start Quinn Snacks just days after the birth of her son Quinn.

Lewis's founding vision for Quinn Snacks has always been about more than just profit - she wants to improve human and planetary health through the food system. This vision guided her early commitment to full transparency around Quinn's ingredients and suppliers. On their website, consumers can trace each ingredient back to its source and learn why it's included. This farm-to-bag transparency policy holds Quinn accountable to continuously improve.

Lewis is passionate about regenerative agriculture practices that improve soil health without synthetic inputs over time. She works closely with farmers to adopt practices like livestock integration, cover crops, and reduced tillage. By creating case studies of farmers transitioning to regenerative methods, Lewis hopes to demonstrate its benefits and encourage wider adoption. Her goal is large-scale change in how the US's 800+ million acres of farmland are managed.

Operating from their headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, Quinn Snacks has built a community around their vision. Boulder's supportive ecosystem of organic and natural founders provided invaluable mentorship during Quinn's early challenges. Their "progress not perfection" mantra recognizes the many steps needed for meaningful improvement across vast supply chains. Quinn produces a line of popular gluten-free baked pretzels and flavored nuggets.

Lewis remains steadfast in her mission after over 13 years of persevering entrepreneurship. She wants to drive broader policy and industry shifts through Quinn's successes, showing large corporations that consumers demand cleaner options. By sticking to her founding vision and continuing to adapt, Lewis has guided Quinn Snacks towards healthy, ethical, and sustainable snacking for all. Her determination signals the opportunities still ahead as Quinn works to transform food production from the farm up.