As the host of the Matt Waller Podcast, I have the privilege of engaging with some of the most insightful and innovative minds in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Recently, I had an enriching conversation with Jeremy Wilson, a seasoned entrepreneur and the co-founder of NewRoad Capital Partners. This dialogue not only shed light on his personal journey but also provided invaluable lessons for anyone looking to make their mark in the entrepreneurial landscape.

The Genesis of an Entrepreneurial Spirit
Jeremy Wilson's entrepreneurial journey is a testament to the power of experience and the importance of mentorship. Starting off in the structured world of corporate finance at Walmart, Jeremy’s career trajectory took him through various roles that shaped his business acumen and leadership skills. His path is a compelling story of transformation from a corporate executive to a dynamic entrepreneur, eventually leading to the establishment of NewRoad Capital Partners, a private equity firm focusing on growth equity investments.

Learning from Corporate Giants
Jeremy began his career at Walmart, where he immersed himself in the world of corporate finance. His roles in corporate cash management and investor relations were not just jobs but classrooms where he absorbed lessons from some of the business world's greats. This period was crucial, as it laid the foundational skills of critical thinking, problem-solving, and team-building. It was here that Jeremy realized his true passion was not just in supporting a business but in running and operating one.

The Launch of Walmart Financial Services
At Walmart Jeremy spearheaded the nascent Financial Services division and this was a significant turning point. It was an opportunity to apply his financial expertise in a more operational role, helping to expand Walmart's services to include more comprehensive financial offerings. This role underscored the difference between managing a P&L and running a business, a realization that profoundly influenced his career path.

Embracing the Entrepreneurial Challenge
The transition from Walmart to Rockfish marked Jeremy’s full-fledged entry into entrepreneurship. At Rockfish, he was not just part of a business but was instrumental in shaping its growth and strategic direction. This phase was about scaling operations, managing explosive growth, and learning the ropes of a true entrepreneurial venture, which prepared him for his future endeavors.

Synthesizing Experiences into a Venture
The founding of NewRoad Capital Partners was the culmination of all of Jeremy's experiences. Alongside his co-founders, he envisioned a private equity firm that was both demand-driven and operator-led, focusing on sectors they were intimately familiar with, such as supply chain, retail and marketing technology investments. The firm's foundation was based on the principle of leveraging market needs and operational expertise to drive investment success.

Reflecting on the Entrepreneurial Journey
Reflecting on my conversation with Jeremy Wilson, it's clear that his journey offers critical insights for aspiring entrepreneurs. The transition from corporate roles to entrepreneurship, the importance of mentorship and learning from every role, and the courage to take calculated risks are all elements that define successful entrepreneurial paths. Jeremy’s story is a powerful reminder that while the entrepreneurial journey can be daunting, it is also rich with opportunities for growth and impact.

Through these discussions, it becomes evident that entrepreneurship is not just about having a groundbreaking idea but also about understanding the market, learning from each experience, and continuously adapting to new challenges. Jeremy Wilson's journey from a finance executive to a leading figure in private equity is a compelling narrative of how diverse experiences can converge to create a successful entrepreneurial career.