In a recent interview, entrepreneur Josh Stanley announced the launch of FieldBook, a new venture studio in partnership with High Alpha. FieldBook aims to boost the startup ecosystem in Northwest Arkansas by building startups from scratch, providing funding, and offering a supportive environment for founders to focus on product development and customer engagement.

Unlike incubators and accelerators that work with existing companies, venture studios like FieldBook identify market opportunities, validate concepts, and form teams around them. Josh, who has successfully launched six companies, moved to Northwest Arkansas after his last company was acquired, seeing potential in the region for a vibrant startup scene.

FieldBook's model is influenced by successful venture studios like High Alpha, known for its digital marketing expertise and successful startups. FieldBook's funding includes $10 million from VentureWell and the Walton Family Foundation. Cartwheel, Josh's previous venture, will lead operations, while High Alpha Innovation will provide its playbook and shared services.

FieldBook plans to launch five B2B SaaS companies over the next three years, collaborating with local businesses to develop tailored software solutions. It offers entrepreneurial education programs like LEAP, six-month cohorts to prepare potential founders. Launching in April, FieldBook will run three to four-month cycles with intensive sprint weeks for concept development and validation.

FieldBook's establishment is a significant milestone for Northwest Arkansas, promising economic growth, job creation, and a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.